Paving Journeys

Everyone deserves to feel supported, empowered, and informed during their pregnancy experience.

As your doula, my job is to help you meet your birthing goals through education, advocacy and compassionate care. My hope is for all women to be informed in their choices, to enable you to keep hold of a sense of your own power as you bring your baby earth-side.

About Me

I believe every birth, baby, mother and family are unique with their own experiences. Therefore, I feel it’s essential to tailor my support offered to suit the needs & goals of the family.

I have a deep passion for birth and supporting women and their families, I want you to feel how incredible it is to bring new life into our world. I will be your companion, listening ear and shoulder to lean on as you take each step into motherhood, whether it be for the first time, or many times after.


  your own



As a doula my role is to provide support to you through your pregnancy. My goal is for you to feel well cared for, that you are supported in your choices and that you make the transition into parenthood as smoothly and joyfully as possible. 

Post Natal

It’s not just the baby who’s born after birth; the mother is too. I will provide a supportive, nurturing environment to help you explore your mothering instincts and become the mum you’d like to be.